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Pewter, with its satin silver appearance, has a charm which no other metal possesses. One of its greater fascinations is that as you look at your Pewter, silver-like gleams emanating from it appear to greet you like the smile on the face of an old friend. Pewter was used thousands of years ago in such Culture as the Egyptian, the Greek, the Babylonian, and the Chinese. Evidence from Egypt indicates that it was  being manufactured as early as the fourth millennia B.C. Pewter popularity has been increasing to this day. and in recent years some of the worlds best Pewter has come from Malaysia.

The Renaissance Period in Europe, circa 1500, was one in which all the Fine Arts reached a peak of excellence. It was an age when craftsmen took time and pride in their work.

This same pride can still be found in Malaysia's Renaissance Pewter today.  In the tradition of the artists of the Renaissance Period, our master craftsmen and their apprentices strive to achieve perfection in the manufacture of pewter ware. We do not believe in mass production, each piece is painstakingly finished by hand to ensure the finest quality and exquisite design.

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